Director of Women's Ministries

Nancy Tringali

Pastor Chris and his wife Nancy planted this church 9 years ago as Turning Point Church of Utica, on the location of the new Downtown Utica Hospital. She was saved 17 years ago shortly after her husband Chris, after his encounter with Jesus while watching the movie "The Passion of the Christ" when God spoke directly to his heart and told Him it was time to come to Him.

Nancy grew up on Long Island and and moved to Savannah, Georgia shortly after when her father had a job transfer. Spending her college years down south, Nancy was not religious nor did she have any interest in knowing who Jesus was. 

But later, in upstate NY when Chris got saved, she was very concerned and knew this could change their marriage. She folowed Chris to church to "keep an eye on him," only to discover that the people seemed to worship the Lord "as if they knew Him" in an intimate way she had never expereinced. This got her curious.

Nancy told Chris she wanted to get a "red leter bible" so she could see exactly what Jesus actually said, and another book. She did not want his input or interference and she left the bookstore that day with a red-letter bible and "The Case For Christ" by Lee Strobel. For the next few weeks, nancy would take a glass of wine, and her books and go out on their porch and read. 

One day, she realized that Jesus was God, Son of God and Savior. In tears, she came to Chris and said "I never knew he (Jesus) said those things and Nancy repneted and was born again that day.

Chris and Nancy have been married now over 25 years. After being saved, Nancy devoted herself to thr study of the word and prayer and eventually followed Chris to attend bible study and the call to pastoral ministry. They both attended bible school at Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, NY.

Nancy loves Chris, brody the pup and Zoe the cat. She enjoys pickleball, bible study and worship. She lives with her family in Utica, NY.

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